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impulso-emprendedorAs many of you already know, Jofemar has participated once again this year in the business acceleration program Impulso Emprendedor, launched by CEIN and the Government of Navarra. An initiative that closed its fourth edition yesterday and which aims to support entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea and with growth potential.

You’re maybe asking yourself why joining Impulso Emprendedor as mentors? Well … For those who don’t know it yet, we, Jofemar, we have been entrepreneurs before mentors and, therefore, we know all the difficulties and efforts that this all entails. From this perspective, we can provide a global vision of the shortcomings and needs that we detect and guide new entrepreneurs towards possible next steps. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of our President, Félix Guindulain, we know that starting a project, your own company, can be a very arduous path if you do not have some support and advice. In this sense, mentoring can greatly simplify this process, helping entrepreneurs in their transition from ‘laboratory’ to real life and facilitating the proper business development of an idea.Mans hand drawing Startup concept on white notebook

It may be difficult to understand the launch of this kind of actions without understanding, on the one hand, the real meaning of what is a start-up and, on the other hand, what entrepreneurship implies. Because entrepreneurship is not as simple as it may seem, and a start-up is not a small company, but a temporary organization designed to seek a scalable and repeatable business model.

Entrepreneurs are people who bet their time and money in developing an innovative idea, a project that they face with a lot of passion and dedication. That’s why today, we want to share with you some of the keys to entrepreneurship!

  • When thinking about entrepreneurship, NEVER forget the 3 P’s of the entrepreneur: PASSION, PERSEVERANCE and PEOPLE.
  • The greatest risk is not to assume any risk.
  • Make sure that your product or service solves a certain problem or covers a specific need.
  • Plan your strategy and be realistic.
  • Simplify, socialize and mobilize. Nowadays, we can´t forget these concepts. Social networks and mobile platforms? ALWAYS.
  • Do not forget the importance and the increasing interest of the users in platforms and  ‘freemium’ models.
  • Make permanent networking.
  • Be proactive.

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