The Jofemar Corporation is once again recognized for its low work-related accidents.


Jofemar Corporation has once again been recognized for its effective activity in the reduction of accidents at work. The company has just received the notification of the incentive payment provided for in Royal Decree 404/2010, processed by FREMAP and authorized by the General Direction of Social Security Management, for the improvements achieved during the 2014 fiscal year. This incentive is aimed at companies that have effectively implemented improvements in the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, significantly reducing their work-related accident rates.jofprev

Javier Peralta, Regional Director of FREMAP in Navarre, made the announcement of the Incentive, for an amount equivalent to a 10% of the contributions for professional contingencies during that year. That, revealed the extraordinary collaboration that both institutions have had in recent years.

With this recognition, FREMAP, a company collaborating with Social Security, wanted to thank the Group for its determined effort and commitment to quality and occupational risk prevention, which during this period has invested in facilities, processes and equipment, thus, contributing to the reduction of its accident rate. And, of course, to emphasize the importance of the effort, firm commitment and good practices of all Jofemar workers as a tools to achieve a practically zero job loss and improvement of the conditions of the jobs. “There is no doubt that this recognition would not be possible without the direct involvement of all our team and the effort in training and investments in safety and prevention,” stated Juan Manuel Díaz, Director of Quality, Environment and PRL of the Jofemar Corporation.

Based on the principles of leadership, transparency, commitment and good practices, and from an ethical and sustainable point of view, the implementation and development of the risk prevention policy and the promotion of health at work affects the whole chain of value and has the support and involvement of all members of the organization.

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