Fancy an innovative vending space? If the answer is yes, continue reading

The vending industry, that sector that, although it may seem strange, never stops growing and innovating to adapt to the needs of an increasingly demanding market. And why is the market more demanding nowadays? The answer is simple… Because the market and the customers are seeking more specific and customized solutions, not only around the products they sell, but also in the personalization of the machines themselves. Something that Jofemar has been able to accomplish to perfection.

instalación In recent years, the offer of product customization has significantly increased. The use of new technologies and IoT applied in both design and production has allowed to broaden the options available for customers to find a product that fits their needs. In addition, the application of new technologies is enabling the launch of business projects based on personalization, which in Jofemar has allowed us to offer the customer a unique product.

But … do you know what you need to create a custom vending space? We give you some.

  • Adapt the number and type of vending machines to your needs. It is essential to know your client, so you can offer a more or less high-end coffee machine, table-top or not, mixed drinks & snacks machines or separately … All this can help to make the customer feel more comfortable and therefore satisfied.productos 1
  • Be creative. Look after the composition and design of the space so that everything fits the location you have chosen and, above all, the values ​​of your brand.
  • Perform a previous study to adapt the profile of your company.
  • Choose the products you want to offer in the vending machines yourself. Nowadays, vending is not limited to typical snacks and refreshments, no. Now you can offer from healthy, gluten-free and lactose-free or organic products, to 1.5-liter bottles, fresh products, salads and full menus.Sentil render
  • The corporate image of your company, your values ​​and even your beliefs are a key factor in attracting customers (your consumers, your employees …) and making the vending areas become a space that can be associated with a moment of pleasure, relax or recreation. In fact, many times we are not aware of it, but personalization is becoming one of the most important elements to get differentiated from the competition. Therefore, if the machines you install feature the logos, colors and elements that define your corporate identity, you’ll have greater chances to guarantee satisfaction and confidence.

But not only that! Although they are more unknown, we are increasingly starting to see more dispensers of other types of products than strictly vending. That is, pharmacy and parapharmacy products, convenience products in supermarkets or even personal protective equipment. Are you interested …? We tell you more about this special machines in our next post!

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