What is the weirdest product have you seen in a vending machine?

For many years we have seen vending machines that dispense all kinds of products, but few days ago we were surprised by this news: “A vending machine dispenses snowballs as a souvenir from Minnesota”. This kind of news show that vending is a growing sector wich offers the possibility to cover any need. This machine in particular has been developed by a US agency and dispenses snowballs packed by the people of the Minnesota state. Its purpose is to made this state more tourist through a very original idea.

We are not surprised that companies increasingly use vending as a resource. It evolves and adapts to new times and kinds of consumers and gives us the possibility of establishing a direct relationship with the customer through interactivity and technology, offering them a unique shopping experience. Innovation in customer experience and everything related to marketing giving rise to vending solutions that connect with consumers and multiply sales or promotions. If we get to surprise the users through diferents experiences, they will create a strong link with the brand that they will never forget.

In addition, the combination of multiple kinds of machines that we can find in the market today, customization possibility, the big interactive screens or the augmented reality, consequently appear solutions capable of adapting to any products or services that we can imagine. Do you have any ideas? We would be very glad to know them, do not be shy and share with us!

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