How vending works for a better world? Unselfish vending…

In the latest post we talked about the endless of products that could be dispensed in vending machines, today we would like to introduce you another great idea about how to use vending machines: Unselfish vending.

As everyone know, thanks to vending machines we can create marketing actions from another point of view, unselfish vending has been suppoused a new advance for the vending sector.

Action Hunger, an organization from United Kingdom, taking advantage of the vending machines boom, located a vending system wich offer free food and clothes to people in a precarious situation. The machines deliver food, hygiene products and other varied items and people can pick them up by identifying themselves with a card. This action is possible by a telemetry system such as J-SUITE, wich helps to keep track of what is consume and control the stock to the organization.

There are many brands, companies and organizations that carry out actions of this kind, using fair trade products on their machines or donating a percentage of sales to NGO projects. Another case is Sandra Ibarra Foundation, which, in collaboration with Ramon y Cajal and La Paz, two hospitals in Madrid, has launched the “Solidary Book” campaign. “Solidary Book” is about selling books using Jofemar vending machines, located in the halls of both hospitals. A solidarity campaign in which 50% of sales will be donated to cancer research projects…and we are very proud to be part in a magnificient project!

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