Do you want more security in your establishments? Welcome retail!

Select, validate and…collect! This is how easy you can put it to your customers as you increase the security in your establishments at the same time.  Today we talk about the retail system through dispensing machines which offers great advantages such as the savings of time and costs or a reduction of mistakes in the cash registers. A solution through which we keep safe the products that are susceptible of being stolen or those which we want to protect towards the sale to underaged people. Nevertheless, this is not everything, we are dealing with an accesible system and easy to use thanks to its interactive screens, its multilingual platforms and its simple process of selection and purchase, just three steps are necessary to take the desired product. The transaction begins in an interactive totem where the client visualizes the information of the products, chooses the one he needs and the quantity he wants and he recieves a printed ticket. The cashier recevies, scans and validates the ticket and the customer carries out the payment regularly. Finally, the dispensing machine reads the ticket and dispenses the product.


A simple and innovative method that also provides a different purchase experience to the users, becoming a process free of waits and queues and through which we can ensure the loyalty to our customers. Along with a telemetry system integrated as J-SUITE, we will reach a higher control of the stock which will help in the optimization of the time of the staff of the establishment.


We can find and example of this system thanks to our partner in Sweeden. SmartShop sets up personalized machines, designed and produced in Jofemar, in large supermarket chains spread over the country. This Company shows us all the advantages of a successful retail system. Take a look at the design of these machines!

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