Commit yourself to the healthy vending!

There is no doubt that in the last years the concern for a healthy eating has been increasing and there is more and more people who opt for organic, low-fat or no-sugar foods.

When thinking about vending is normal that the first things that may come to our minds are snacks, chocolate bars and soft drinks. Nevertheless, this idea is changing due to the boom in the demand of natural foods, how do consumers react to the incoporation of fresh and healthy producuts in the vending machines?

There are already several schools and hospitals that have joined the “healthy vending” and have incorporated healthy products such as fruit, natural juices or low-fat snacks to their machines. A decision that arises as a consequence of the worrying data provided by the Ministry of Health in which we can observe that the children who suffer from excess infant weight are more than the 40%.  The vending sector joints this initiative and offers us the opportunity of having better eating habits in the moments of rest. Moreover, the identification of these products is easier thanks to the distinction in green color of their trays.

Eating between hours can cease to be a concern thanks to this new addition in the vending industry, do you dare to try these new products?

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