Discover the advantages of vending spaces in companies

Who doesn’t like to make short breaks during the workday? The so-called “active breaks” are of great importance in enterprises, it has been shown that make a break and take energy promotes the performance of employees. Drink coffe or grab a bite is the most common and what better to have a space for this, a vending area presents many advantages and benefits.

Firstly, having vending machines in the working área, reduces the time of breaks for workers, since they have a quik and easy system, thus avoiding prolonged and unjustified breaks. At the same time, it means a saving in the cost of product for workers themselves since the prices are affordable.

Moreover, rest rooms foster social and personal relationships, which translates into an increase in creativity, empathy and labor efficiency. Including vending machines in the break romos provides an image of a social and nearby business and helps us to strengthen relationships with suppliers, distributors and customers, making use of them between visits and meetings.

Incorporate a coffee maker and vending machines with tasty and healthy products and give a twist to the image of your company!

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